Services Offering

Technocrat has been a dependable source for Hi-Tech Technology, Systems and Sub-Systems, and Electronic Components from India, Europe, and the Far East since 2014. We also offer Design-Development, System Integration, and Information Technology Products and Services. We recently broadened our reach to encompass communication, navigation, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and surveillance technologies.


As disruptive technologies continue impacting security strategies and add to the complexity of IT security needs of organizations, today’s threat
the landscape is getting more dynamic and Information security remains at the forefront of organizational concerns.
As the technology required to run your business evolves, so does the volume and complexity of threats against it. Our robust portfolio of comprehensive and industry-leading products and solutions deliver unparalleled protection with DATA & CYBERSECURITY
reduced complexity and lower maintenance costs from the endpoint to the data center to the cloud. Some of our security solutions include Network, Data, Mobile & Endpoint, Firewall, Web, Email, Application, and Cyber Security.


Today’s offices make ever-increasing use of online resources. Today’s web applications call for new thinking about network architecture. The need of the day is a reliable, secure, fast network that keeps businesses running smoothly. Today, we
don’t have time for downtime.

     With such an intense load on the network determining optimal network design and ensuring availability, reliability, and scalability are of paramount importance. Technocrat is the most comprehensive product combination in Switching, Routing, and Wireless networking.


In today’s fast-paced environment, most of your critical operations revolve around technology. And for that technology to work seamlessly with your business goals, you need an infrastructure that is resilient enough to support your ever changing organizational needs.
Our portfolio of integrated infrastructure and service solutions delivers consistent, highly secure, and reliable business results. 
We help you simplify your IT, gain agility and scalability to support your organisational


A network is prone to many errors that can seriously impact its performance. Any disruption can negatively impact productivity, customer satisfaction, and ultimately revenue. Monitoring and improving network and application performance becomes absolutely essential to keep businesses up and running at all times to ensure service level agreements (SLA) are maintained and smooth delivery of business critical solutions occurs.
Proactive Network and Application performance management help IT organizations manage the performance of business critical applications to meet
the demands of customers and maintain SLAs. With end-to-end visibility and actionable insights, you can quickly
and proactively resolve any network-based performance issues and prevent or minimize any impairments in no time.


Cloud Computing and Virtualization technology give businesses access to vastly increased storage, computing, and networking hardware. Essentially, you get to leverage highly advanced technology without the associated hardware and software spend. Transitioning to the cloud is secure and cost-effective. Business becomes more mobile, and the cloud makes
it easier to collaborate.
Our cloud solutions improve availability of critical applications and streamline app deployment and migration and offer the right cloud infrastructure and management solutions to support your digital journey with exceptional performance, enterprise-grade agility and reliability, and flexible consumption models.


We provide full spectrum of IT Infrastructure Management services and support for multi-supplier solutions assuring peace of mind. Be it on site or off site, we function as the company’s IT Department – from monitoring through to maintenance. With specialized capabilities spanning data center, end user computing, networks, managed services, cloud, consulting and system integration, we help businesses transform their vision into reality.