Filters, Amplifiers and Oscillators

Detectors (Threshold and Level), Mixers (10MHz to 18GHz), DROs, Synthesizers, SAW Filter and Delay Modules, Combine generators, Limiting Detectors up to 3GHz, PIN Diode drivers, A/D and D/A Converters, Voltage References, Receiver Protector Solutions, Delay lines up to 6GHz, Rotary Joints up to 40GHz, Phase shifters up to 40GHz, Power Dividers up to 18GHz, Patterning of metalized Alumina Substrates, Amplifiers (Low Noise Amplifiers, Power Amplifiers, Limiting Amplifiers), Attenuators (Voltage Variable and Digital). Space Grade Components: VCO (Hermetically sealed from 30MHz), LNA


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