Frequency Extension products

Frequency Extension products- expand existing Vector Network Analyzer (VNA), Singal generator, Spectrum Analyzer capabilities up to 325GHz, LNA amplifiers, Radar Front End Module up to W Band, CobaltFx mm-wave VNA Test and Measurement, CobaltFX Calibration Kit and Cables, Block down Converters, Amplifiers, Calibration Kit (FEK), Frequency Converters, Frequency Sources, Harmonic Mixers (WHMB), Mixer and Detectors, Multipliers, Noise Sources, Planar Detectors (WOP), Sub Harmonic Mixers (SPM), VNA Frequency Extender FEV – FEC – FEK, Signal Generator Frequency Extenders, Noise Figure Analysers, Frequency, Extenders, FMCW/Imaging, mmWave Components, Custom Solutions


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