The system comes with a transmitter, portable/survival antenna, mounting bracket, external whip antenna with a 6-foot coax cable, and a battery pack. Since it is installed near the pilot a remote control monitor is not required. If the ELT is activated a built-in monitor emits a loud beeping tone and the LED flashes. The portable/survival antenna allows the ELT to transmit a good signal when used outside the aircraft.

Designed with the newest technology, the EBC 406AP also incorporates the best and proven features that characterize all of EBC’s emergency locator transmitters. These transmitters have encapsulated electronics and battery packs to provide added protection against shock, moisture, and other environmental hazards.

The EBC 406AP is meant to be installed near the pilot. This eliminates the need for a remote control monitor and thus reduces the cost of installation and the need to use panel space. This type of installation also allows for easy removal of the ELT in case of an emergency – just disconnect the antenna cable and attach the portable/survival antenna after leaving the aircraft.

A self-test feature is built into the EBC 406AP. This feature allows the pilot
to test for output power on both 406.028 and 121.5 MHz, the connection
with the antenna, and the condition of the digital signal.


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