Hydrostatic Switch

Specifications –

• Setpoint range from 5 to 105 psi
• Deadband range from 3.5 psi or 15%,
whichever is greater, to 45% of the setpoint
• Proof pressure up to 300 psi
• Pressure capsule all stainless steel, heliarc welded
and leak proof to 1 X 10-9 SCC/SEC
• SPDT snap action switch element
• Electrical rating 1 amp 28 VDC, 200 volts dielectric
• Electrical chamber hermetically sealed per
MIL-HDBK-5400 Para. 3.8
• Temperature Range
Ambient -65°F to +275°F
-54°C to +135°C
Media -65°F to +400°F
-54°C to +204°C
• Vibration capability to 15G’s



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