Display Head Assembly (DHA)

The major technology gap involved in the development of MFD is in Optics i.e the Display Head Assembly. The present-day display panels are generally the ruggedized Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (AMLCD) panels are inbuilt with higher-end capabilities of
temperature, light sensors, and touch screen capabilities.

Building Blocks of a Ruggedized DHA
A Ruggedized DHA consists of the Following Basic Blocks.
• AMLCD Assembly with Driver Module.
• Back Lighting & Control Module (BLCM).
• Man-Machine Interface




AMLCD Assembly with Driver Module

AMLCD Assembly :
The key component is the LCD panel where the electrical signal of the image is
converted into an optical effect. To see the contrast between the thousands of
individual pixels that form the image, the LCD panel with polarizers must be
illuminated from the rear through Back Light.


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