PCB Assembly

With a reputation for unparalleled quality and advanced traceability, Saline Lectronics has become a preferred supplier for PCB assembly within the military and aerospace industries. We thoroughly understand the critical nature of these industries, and intentionally design our mixed technology manufacturing plans to support mission-critical products that need to withstand extreme conditions within harsh environments.

Due to our continued growth within the defense industry, Saline Lectronics has invested in the appropriate certifications that are necessary for circuit board assembly manufacturing for these product types. We are ISO 9001 certified ensuring that we meet the necessary quality requirements for military or aerospace PCB assembly. We are also equipped to build to Class 3 when required. Quality is embedded in every single production process to fully guarantee that your PCB assembly will perform exactly as required.

We assemble a wide range of product types for our military and defense customers – including high-speed data encryption units, unmanned vehicle control systems, black boxes, fuel vapor detection modules, and flight control computers. In order to appropriately protect these products in harsh environments, many of these applications require conformal coating, epoxy, or potting solutions, which we perform in-house.



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